From the Halls of Cuba Book Reviews

A sweeping historical novel well worth reading! 

Book Review by A. Stapelton on FROM THE HALLS OF CUBA by C.E. Porch

I heard someone read the first few pages of this book during an open mic night and I was hooked. For anyone who enjoys historical novels steeped in real history and facts, I recommend giving this book a try. The author manages to combine lots of action, awesome battle descriptions, romance, and engaging characters to create an enjoyable reading experience. I shared this book with my mom. We’re both fans of Robert Wilder’s novel Wind from the Carolinas, which follows one family through multiple generations. This book does the same and it offers even more historical insights than Wilder’s book. I gave it four stars instead of five, because I felt the story sometimes takes a backseat to the historical details; but others may actually like that. My mom gave the book a definite thumbs up and she’s not easy to please. (There are a few editorial glitches towards the beginning of the book, where several sections are repeated, and some intermittent typos, but don’t let them distract you from the great story).

Book Review by Ron Chaffin on FROM THE HALLS OF CUBA by C.E. Porch

Entertaining and a fast-paced adventure through United States’ wars, politics and foreign intrigues in the 20th century.  Fascinating insights into the costs and human toll of misguided wars, political intrigue and global business interests that has brought us to the quagmire of consequences in immigration and foreign policy that is today’s world.

From the Spanish American War, to building the Panama Canal, to the Bay of Pigs fiasco, to the Viet Nam debacle and disaster the intrigue never slows with colorful and ruthless true to life characters and backdrops that were the free-wheeling world that was Florida, Cuba, Central America and the Far East that played out as a result of US foreign policy over the first 75 years of the 20th century.

A rollicking ride that brings to life the happenstance and consequences of human foils that have resulted in the world around us today, yet never ignores the expense of human sacrifices both individuals and families paid to pave the way.

A vivid portrayal of the gravity and consequences of war and politics that makes you need turn and turn the page.

Ron Chaffin

Book Review by Rev.Rick Brandl 

FROM THE HALLS OF CUBA intrigued me from the beginning. C. E. Porch takes fact, fiction and history and blends them into something Gabriel Garcia Marquez would approve of. Especially when the book brings us into the real world of Shamanism, which few in the Western world have an idea of its existence. Showing how the Shaman is the intermediary between the spirit realm and our limited world and how the Shaman is so aware of the multiverse, which quantum physics is only now theorizing about.
Blend all this together and you are in for a wild ride.
I’m looking forward to the sequel.
Rev.Rick Brandl
Ontario, Canada